Inverter-plus HP is the 1st full-inverter Pool HP powered by full-inverter compressor & full-inverter fan motor, which adjusts the compressor speed hertz by hertz and the fan speed round by round. It matches pool intelligently with continuous and optimal efficiency. Its COP is 70% higher than normal on/off HP and 50% higher than normal inverter HP in the market.

Combining Mitsubishi advanced inverter technology with our cutting edge electronics and superior mechanical technologies improves the heating and performance and increases power savings. Your inverter Plus Heat Pump will run less and deliver more than the standard heat pumps and will overall, save you money on your long-term running costs.


One of the best features is the “Silent Mode”. By engaging the silent mode when set temperatures are reached, you can benefit from the higher COP and operating efficiency only using between 25-80% capacity.

Soft Start Feature

The soft start feature reduces the immediate draw on the home electricity supply resulting in a steadier electricity flow with less burden to the electricity supply. Other normal heat pumps (without soft start) can add a burden of up to 5x the rated current which can overload your home.

– Inverter-plus HP adopts super-quiet Mitsubishi inverter compressor and full-inverter ventilation system offering you a 10x quieter swimming environment when maintaining the pool temperature

– Classic aluminum alloy casing and hidden screws provide a simple outlooking, life-time anti-rusting.

– Designed for air as low as -7°C means it can operate to maximum efficiency despite the ambient outside temp. This results in less heater down time in cooler months and maximises your pool swimming season

Inverter Plus HP Heat Pump

    • Independently tested TUV Rheinland Facilities
    • 10 X quieter swimming environment
    • Alloy casing with Life-time anti-rusting

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