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About Jeliha Pool Solutions


 Jeliha Pool Solutions is your trusted supplier of Pool Sanitisation, Filtration and Automation equipment.


We are proud to supply a premium product range and a complete solution to all aspects of pool chemistry and automation including Filtration and Hydraulics, Heating, Pool Cleaners,
Sanitisation, Lighting and Automation.


Our clients include Pool builders, Technicians and Pool Stores all over Victoria who value our swift back-up service and reliable supply of stock to site.


Jeliha is proud to support the Australian Pool Industry and therefore we focus on Australian owned and manufactured systems. We also strive to supply products that do not feature online (ie, with pricing and ordering available to the general public).


With 15 years industry experience, you can be assured reliable and friendly service each and every time.

Give us a call today to find out how we can help you.

Daniel Maher
Managing Director

0429 589 717

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