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Reltech’s Platinum Series Pumps are built to withstand all rigorous pool environments. It boast the largest “Australian Made” pump housing and leaf basket available on the market.

This allows pool owners the time to enjoy their pool and spas with less routine maintenance. Designed, manufactured and assembled in Australia with engineering grade thermoplastic polymers. This ensures many years of operation in the harsh Australian climate.

Unlike conventional single speed pumps that work at maximum capacity, the Ecoflo Platinum Series Pump utilises a permanent magnet brushless fully variable 3 speed DC motor. This revolutionary pump allows the owner to increase and decrease each of the 3 speeds to individually suit their pool and spa, thus, dramatically reducing electrical running costs.

Pool filtration takes up 99% of a pumps usage during the year. However, pool filtration does

not require a pump to be running at full capacity. In fact, your pools filtration efficiency improves at lower flow rates. More foreign particles and waste can get trapped in the filter when water flow is slowed and prolonged.

The Ecoflo Platinum Series Pump operates at extremely low noise levels that allows you to run your pump at night to take advantage of off-peak tariffs without disturbing your neighbours. 

Ecoflo Platinum Pump Series

    • PLT Pumps come in Single Speed and also Variable speeds PLT-V3 1.25hp, PLT-V5 1.75hp and PLT-V8 2.25hp
    • 70% LESS Carbon Emissions
    • 70% LESS Electricity Usage
    • 70% LESS Electricity Usage
    • So quiet allowing you to run the pump at night
    • Proudly manufactured in Australia

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