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InstaTouch is the new smart remote controller for your LED Pool Lights. The Intuitive touch-screen wireless handset allows you to instantly select colours for your pool, spa or water feature.

• The wireless handset is robust and water-resistant – whilst retaining a slick and stylish appearance
• Control two lighting zones independently, with a wireless handset that has extended range
• Choose from 7 fixed colours and 6 colour shows, or choose and save your own fixed colour
• No need to replace your existing cables and transformers

• Enables lights to be dimmed
• Simple to install, plug and play

InstaTouch Lighting Controller

    • Simple and easy to install
    • Adjustable brightness control
    • Power-saving technology
    • Up to 70m line-of-sight range
    • Instantaneous colour control
    • 7 fixed colours and 6 colour shows to choose from

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