Innovative technology designed for the Australian market, Pool Lab® salt chlorinators cope with conditions others cannot tolerate. They perform efficiently and economically for longer, without the need for constant adjustment or maintenance.

– Heavy Duty Control Unit 
Weather proof and suitable for outdoor installations with display cover to protect against the effects of the sun.

– Patented Automatic Self-Cleaning Cells  
Clever software in the microprocessor automatically reverses the polarity of the electrolytic plates to maximise the self- cleaning process.

– Automatic Low Salt Warning  
If salt levels fall below the optimum level, the diagnostic display scrolls a message requesting a salt top up. Automatic Memory Save If there's a power failure all information is stored for at least seven days. There are no batteries that can go flat or leak.

– Automatic Pump Protection Monitor 
If the pump is starved of water and running dry, the chlorinator switches the pump off to prevent damage occurring. Run-dry timing can be adjusted for different hydraulic conditions and pump types.

– Compatible with all mineral salt additives
Pool Lab chlorinators will operate with all mineral salt additives.

Pool Lab PL Plus Series

  • Models:
    PL25+ 25 grams of chlorine gas per hour
    PL35+ 35 grams of chlorine gas per hour
    PL45+ 45 grams of chlorine gas per hour


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