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Pool Controls’ SWC Salt Water Chlorinators are packed with features and comes in a wide range of output sizes – 15g/hr, 25g/hr, 35g/hr, 45g/hr and 60g/hr. The SWC range is suitable for salt or mineral pools and offers a “good, better, best” option for each output size. For those that like to keep things simple, there is a straightforward chlorinator, which represents a “good” option for many pool owners.

A “better” option is the “T” model, which includes two additional timed power outlets to control pool accessories such as pool or garden lighting. The “best” option is provided by the “pH” model, which includes an  integrated algorithmic pH Control system in addition to the 3 timed power outlets, offering pool owners full functionality in one unit. (Note that a separate pH Control system can be retro-fitted to any SWC Chlorinator at a later date if desired).

All SWC chlorinators have a built-in “cover-mode”, which at the touch of a button, reduces chlorine output to 20% of normal for when a pool cover is on the pool”

SWC Salt / Mineral

    • Proudly manufactured in Australia
    • Full Automated
    • Self Cleaning
    • Optional pH Control

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