Loop Charged Injected Spa Blower

The Spa King Peacemaker is designed to do away with the problems that have traditionally plagued conventional spa blower motors, such as overheating, burn-out, corrosion and short operation life.

It has separated airflows so that motor coolingoperates independently of the aerifying airflow delivered to the Spa Water. This completely eliminates expensive overheating problems caused by start up air supply line resistance, or tub air hole sizes or distance to equipment.

Design operation temperature are maintained in the motor at all times, clean fresh air is delivered to the tub.

Corrosion due to chlorine - laden vapor reaching the motor is eliminated, and specially developed plastic mouldings, foam divisions and injection moulded cover protect the unit and reduce noise.

Spa King are also used on commercial

Peacemaker Blower


    • Quieter

    • More powerful

    • Energy efficient

    • EMC approved

    • Clean air delivery

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