Ozone is a naturally occurring oxidiser that is a powerful sanitising agent and is used throughout many industries to purify air and water. Ozone Swim combines patented corona discharge

technology with a premium mineral/salt chlorination system. Therefore it effectively sanitises, purifies and reduces maintenance - resulting in therapeutic, healthy and crystal clear water.

The 1200i Series works in conjunction with existing salt chlorinators, chemical dosing systems and tablet feeders.


– Ozone immediately oxidisers and neutralises harmful contaminants (organics, bacteria and viruses)

– Ozone breaks down into Oxygen after sanitising pollutants. The results are noticeably softer water with no residual odour.

– Ozone targets and breaks down chloramines so red, itchy eyes and skin does not occur

– Ozone performs the majority of the heavy workload to keep your water healthy therefore your chlorine levels can be reduced by up to 80%

O3 Series 1200i / 1200iT

    • Maintains safe and healthy water
    • Reduces pool operating costs and maintenance
    • Easy on the eyes, soft of the skin

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