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Reltech’s engineers have worked closely together to develop a pump that better handles the tough Australian climate. This has lead to improved reliability, efficiency and the overall
performance of our pump.

The design characteristics of the diffuser and balanced impeller system ensures low noise operation whilst offering excellent priming. It also offers powerful water flow and filtration with

maximum pressure at economical running costs.


– Strongly constructed thick walled, one piece pump body made from a high quality engineering grade thermoplastic material that is corrosion resistant.

– A glass reinforcement and UV additives also ensures the pump is designed to last in all weather conditions.

– Powerful and reliable motor rated for continuous operation ensures a long bearing life.


– Built in thermal overload protects the motor against damage from overheating.


– A stainless steel pump shaft, a lapped true carbon face, ceramic seal and stainless steel assembly nuts and bolts are just some of the quality components used to ensure ongoing reliability and extended lifecycle.

– Elevated motor stand assembled to main body prevents any warping under high water pressure, ensures balanced support for motor and pump, reduces noise and vibration and keeps moisture away from the motor.

– No stress on the sealing o-rings because clamping pressure is used rather than twisting pressure, therefore extending the life of spare parts on your pump.



Premium PR Pump Series

    • PR Pumps come in Single Speed and also Variable speeds V3PRO 1.25hp, V5PRO 1.75hp and V8Pro 2.25h
    • A perfect choice to handle Australia’s tough climate
    • Easy to remove inspection lid for routine maintenance
    • Proudly manufactured in Australia
    • Extra large robust strainer basket prevents breakage during operation and debris removal and requires less frequent cleaning.
    • Positively located strainer basket to eliminate the inlet being blocked
    • Self aligning inlet and outlet barrel unions for both suction and discharge ports allowing for quick and easy installation and removal.
    • Barrel unions are suitable for both 40mm and 50mm PVC pipe connections.

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