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TuffChem PRO Series ORP and pH controllers constantly monitor your swimming pool water regardless of bather load and pool usage. Whether or not you have a small courtyard swimming pool or large backyard oasis, TuffChem will continually monitor your swimming pool water dosing the required amount of acid and chlorine to perfectly balance your swimming pool water. Perfectly balanced pool water, every time, minimising the amount of chemicals your pool requires without constant fluctuation resulting in chemical imbalance.

TuffChem – Pro Series ORP & pH Controllers

    • Constant pool water pH level monitoring
    • Electronic control with actual dosing display
    • Multicolour state of the art touchscreen
    • Digital display of pool water ORP and pH levels
    • Built-in multi-function timer with battery backup
    • Built-in safety and overdose prevention system
    • Independent control of pool pH and ORP levels
    • Dual peristaltic pumps for chemical dosing

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